Designed for high performance and medium duty applications, the SHP (Special High Performance) block is the ideal starting point for hot rodders, drag racers, circle track competitors, off-roaders, and high performance marine enthusiasts.
Don’t waste your valuable time sourcing, cleaning, machining and prepping a 40 year old core when you can have a brand new precision machined block with all the most desirable features for just a few dollars more.


• Priority main oiling system.

• Siamese cylinder bores with extra thick walls.

• Optional full water jacketed non-siamese cylinder bores.

• Extra thick decks ensure reliable head gasket seal.

• Blind head bolt holes don’t go through to water jacket.

• Scalloped water jacket walls improve flow around cylinders for better cooling.

• Clearance for 3.750” stroke with steel rods.

• Splayed outer bolts on middle main bearing caps.

• Non-siamese water blocks have 2-bolt mains on all 5 locations.

• Uses + .300” tall stock 87-95 roller lifters.

• Provisions for OE stock roller lifters & cams.

• Uses 1981-1985 stock style oil pan & passenger side dipstick.

• Uses stock stamped steel or plastic timing cover.

• All OE bolt holes for starter, clutch ball, etc.

• Oil restrictors available throught aftermarket resources.

• Parts kit sold separately (PN 32000013)