The ultimate upgrade for adding strength in the Aluminum or Iron LS Next platform is the LS NEXT² upgrade. This offers larger Billet Steel main caps using Ford (2.750″) or LS (2.560″) mains, that feature 1/2” main studs giving superior clamping force for even higher power levels. Blocks come machined to accept fully counterweighted crankshafts.

• 9.240”- 9.450” deck height with standard cam.

• 9.240″, 9.450”– 9.800” deck height with .388” raised cam.

• Available in Iron or Aluminum (skirted andnon-skirted) blocks with LS (2.560”) or Ford (2.750”) main sizes for improved crankshaft stability.

• Larger 4 bolt Billet Steel main caps.

• Clearanced for center counterweighted crankshafts.