True race block which will work with most standard components. Provisions for wet or dry sump oiling systems. Great for power adders and maximum effort engines.

The Dart Little M2 is designed from the ground up as a true racing engine block which can be used with standard off the shelf small block components.

The Little M2 is cast from premium high strength Iron and beefed up in all the critical areas.  A competition oiling system ensures adequate lubrication to the main bearings at high RPM.

• Uses standard small block parts, including cam, oil pump, oil pan, oil filter, motor mounts, mechanical fuel pump, and clutch linkage.• Priority main oiling system feeds main bearings first.
• Center lifter oil crossover for improved lifter oiling.
• Siamese cylinder bores with extra thick walls resist cracking and improve ring seal for more power (minimum .275” thick with 4.185” bore).
• Open lifter valley improves oil return to pan.
• Enlarged lifter bosses accommodate offset and oversize lifters.
• Blind head bolt holes don’t go through to water jacket.
• Billet steel 4-bolt main bearing caps on all 5 mains.
• Standard oil pan rail width
• Oil gallery holes machined for o-ring plugs.
• Parts kit included