Dart’s Little M Sportsman block is the affordable alternative for Sportsman racers and serious street performance.

The Sportsman block shares most of the Little M’s best features, but saves you money by using Ductile Iron main bearing caps (4-bolt on the center three and 2-bolt on the ends), and employing a rear external oil feed, crossover and restrictor provision.


• Uses standard small block parts, including cam, timing chain, oil pump, oil pan, oil filter, motor mounts, mechanical fuel pump, and clutch linkage.

• Priority main oiling system feeds the main bearings first.

• Siamese cylinder bores with extra thick walls resist cracking and improve ring seal for more power (minimum .275” thick with 4.185” bore).

• Scalloped water jacket walls improve flow around cylinders for better cooling.

• Open lifter valley improves oil return to pan.

• Enlarged lifter bosses accommodate offset and oversize lifters.

• Blind head bolt holes don’t go through to water jacket.

• Splayed outer bolts on middle main bearing caps.

• Rear external oil feed, crossover and restrictor provision.

• Parts kit sold separately (PN 32000001)