This block features cylinder bores which have been spread to 4.500” from the standard 4.400” center to center dimension. This allows larger bore diameters while maintaining adequate cylinder wall thickness and gasket sealing surface between bores.

• 4.500” bore spacing allows bore sizes up to 4.250”.

• Deck heights of 9.025” up to 9.325” versions allow greater versatility for preferred rod ratio and angle.

• Custom deck heights as low as 8.200” and as tall as 9.400” available.

• Raised camshaft .391” (4.912” camshaft-to-crankshaft centerlines) Option for .434” raised cam also available.

• Relocated oil pan rails are spread .400” per side (.800” wider than stock) to increase crank/rod clearance and reduce windage losses.

• Requires use of remote oil filter. No provision for block mounted filters.

• Oil pan bolt holes are relocated in line with main caps to eliminate interference with rotating assembly.

• Big block camshaft bearings allow the use of cams with larger base circle diameter to improve strength and reduce twisting with cam-driven pumps.

• Dual starter mounts allow starter to be mounted on either side of block for chassis and oil pan clearance.

• Front & rear external oil inlets, crossovers and restrictor provisions to simplify plumbing with an external pump.

• Parts kit included (PN 32000011)