Maximum performance, bracket racing, heads up and super classes. Over 7,500 RPM, 500+ cubic inches, great head for maximum effort competition or bracket cars.

Dart’s legendary Iron Eagle cylinder heads are now available with a full CNC porting treatment. Every intake port, every exhaust port and every combustion chamber are fully CNC machined on Dart’s computerized 5-axis CNC machining centers.

The new Iron Eagle CNC cylinder head has 330cc runners and 126cc chambers with 2.30” intake and 1.88” exhaust valves, providing the power and consistency of ported heads in a rugged and affordable Cast Iron package. They are ideal for heavier cars or boats where weight is not a primary concern, and for racing classes which mandate Iron heads.

Assemblies include Stainless Steel valves, premium springs, locks, retainers, guide plates and seals.

Heads are sold individually.