How do I identify my Dart blocks and heads?
Dart blocks and heads are stamped or cast with various numbers that can tell you quite a bit about the part. Knowing how to read and interpret these markings can save a lot of time and hassle when you need to know exactly what you’re working with.

What spark plug does Dart recommend for my application?
Due to the multitude of different applications and components this spark plug application chart is a recommended starting point only. Dart recommends contacting the spark plug manufacture for your specific application.

Can I use my factory LS oil pan on a Dart LS block?
Yes, you can use your factory oil pan on any “full skirt design” LS Next Block. The SHP LS Next and Aluminum SHP LS Next blocks allow factory oil pans to be used without any special modifications. Additionally, the “non-skirted design”, cast iron and aluminum LS Next blocks also allow the use of factory oil pans, but you MUST use Dart’s billet oil pan rail adapters that mount between the engine block and oil pan. Please note that when using the non-skirted blocks, you will need to use a relocated oil filter as the blocks do not have the oil integral oil passages to support the oil pan mounted oil filter.

Why do you make a non-skirted LS Next block and is it a better design?
The non-skirted block design reduces horsepower robbing crankcase windage and allows for the use of a better oil pan design. Removing the skirts at the bottom of the block allows for a deeper profile oil pan that has room for more oil control features such as wind age trays, crank scrapers, baffles, trap doors, etc. Controlling the oil in the pan and reducing crankcase windage is key to producing the most power possible with your engine.

Will Dart build me a custom short block assembly or a complete engine?
No. Dart does not sell complete engines and our short blocks offered are limited to the assemblies shown and spec’d out on our website and in our catalog. For a custom short block assembly or engine you will need to contact a performance engine builder. Use the “Dealer Locator” on our website to find a dealer near you:

Do I need to run oil restrictors in my Dart block?
In most cases, if you are running a standard volume/standard pressure oil pump, there should be no need to run restrictors. However, if you are running a high volume/high pressure pump it may be necessary to run oil restrictors to control the amount of oil to the top of the engine based on the efficiency of the oil system.

What size oil restrictors do I need to run?
The size of the restrictor will vary based on pump output, weight of oil, and bearing clearances. It is the engine builders responsibility to determine the appropriate size for the given application.

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