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Update: Dart’s New Building


DART’S NEW BUILDING: Moving Steady and Under Control

In July of 2015 Dart Machinery, Ltd. completed the purchase of a 82,000 square foot industrial complex which would eventually combine the current headquarters and the manufacturing center into one central location. Fast forward one-and-half years and the move has progressed very well.

For a big move like this, it’s not as simple as calling a moving company and just packing up and moving. It requires thoughtful planning and a tremendous amount of effort and collaboration to orchestrate such an enormous undertaking.

“We had to carefully think about, plan, take all variables into consideration and then execute to pull this move off.  We have the distinct advantage of keeping production flowing, because we own our own facilities and equipment. We pick when to move certain machines, so that there is minimal, if any impact on increased production time.” said, Richard Maskin (President of Dart Machinery, Ltd.).

Currently, 100% of our Makino machines have been moved to our new Warren location along with support equipment. We are in the process of moving departments from our Troy location and should have nearly all production under one roof by the end of 2017. The last part of the company to be moved will be the administrative offices. When the new Dart Headquarters in Warren, Michigan is fully completed, it will be nearly 90,000 square feet.

Check out Dart’s latest newsletter, Dart Headlines: http://dartheads.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/DartHeadlines-June2017.pdf



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