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PRO1 24 335cc CNC Port

PRO1 24° 335cc CNC

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Maximum performance, bracket racing, heads up and super classes. Over 7,500 RPM, 500+ cubic inches, great head for maximum effort comp or bracket cars.

Dart PRO1 24° 335cc CNC heads are professional quality competition cylinder heads. We applied the airflow technology developed in our championship winning Pro Stock engine program to produce these state of the art heads.

Every intake port, exhaust runner, valve bowl, and every combustion chamber is 100% CNC machined in special dedicated PRO1 castings. Our 5-axis, computer controlled machining centers produce compound curves and complex shapes that no human could duplicate with a hand grinder.

Assemblies include Stainless Steel valves, premium springs, locks, retainers, guide plates and seals.

Heads are sold individually.


Material: RMR Cast Aluminum Alloy

Valve Angle: 24°

Intake Port Volume: 335cc

Intake Valve: 2.300”

Exhaust Valve: 1.880”

Chamber Volume: 121cc

Intake Port Shape: Rectangle

Exhaust Port Location: .300” raised

Dart Marine PRO1 cylinder heads

Features an exclusive chromate surface finish to inhibit corrosion and extend the life of the head.

Fitted with Inconel exhaust valves to withstand the extended running time and temperatures typical of marine usage.

PRO1 24° 335cc CNC – Aluminum

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PRO1 24° 335cc CNC – Aluminum (Marine Heads)

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19474136M – 1.625” Dual Springs for Solid Roller .850”


PRO1 CNC 335 & 355 Tech Sheet – H41