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PRO1 18 245cc

PRO1 18° 245cc



Maximum competition, comp/modified drag racing, circle track. Over 7,000 RPM, high compression.

By reducing the valve angle, reshaping the raised intake ports, and optimizing the combustion chambers. We produced a significant increase in both airflow and combustion efficiency and that means more power!

Dart delivers the features that put you ahead of the competition. With the all new PRO1 18° 245cc design we provide our customers the quality, strength and performance you expect from a name like Dart.

Heads are sold individually.


• Cast intake ports with bowl blend.

• Full port exhaust.

• CNC chambers.

• Assemblies include: Stainless Steel valves, premium springs, locks, retainers and seals. Titanium valve options are available.

Material: RMR Cast Aluminum Alloy

Valve Angle: 18°

Intake Port Volume: 245cc

Intake Valve: 2.150″/2.180″

Exhaust Valve: 1.600”/1.625″

CNC Chamber Volume: 66cc

Plug Type: Angle

PRO1 18° 245cc – Aluminum

66cc Combustion Chambers – 2.150”/1.600” Valves

11992010 – Bare Head

11992113 – 1.550” Dual springs for Solid Roller Cam .750”

66cc Combustion Chambers – 2.180”/1.600” Valves

11992030 – Bare Head

11992133 – 1.550” Dual springs for Solid Roller Cam .750”

Pro1 18° Tech Sheet – H66