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LittleM 305 Water Top

Little M 305 Water SBC Iron



Excellent upgrade for stock replacement, street performance, Sportsman racing, circle track and legal for 305 RACESAVER® Sprint Series.

In order to accommodate the needs of racers in classes that require engines with stock displacements, Dart is now offering a Cast Iron Little M 305 water block with 3.750” cylinder bores.

The new Little M 305 water block has non-siamesed cylinder bores, priority main oiling and thick decks with blind head bolt holes that give the Little M block its reputation for reliability and excellent performance.


• Uses standard small block parts, including cam, timing chain, oil pump,

   oil pan, oil filter, motor mounts, mechanical fuel pump and clutch linkage.

• Priority main oiling system oils the main bearings first.

• Open lifter valley improves oil return to pan.

• Enlarged lifter bosses accommodate offset and oversized lifters.

• Blind head bolt holes don’t go through to water jacket.

• Splayed outer bolts on middle main bearing caps.

• Rear external oil feed, crossover and restrictor provision.

• Parts kit sold separately.

31151411 – Water Block 2-Piece Ductile 350 9.025 3.750

Little M SBC Block Information Packet – B03