Dart Machinery completes purchase of new 82,000 sq. ft. industrial complex!


Dart Machinery (also known as Dart Heads) is pleased to announce the purchase of a new 82,000 square foot industrial complex in Warren, Michigan. This new complex will combine the current headquarters in Troy, Michigan and the manufacturing center in Melvindale, Michigan. The merge will streamline the marketing, manufacturing and distribution efforts of the industry leaders’ aftermarket engine blocks, cylinder heads and intake manifolds.

“This all started with a telephone, a two-car garage and a dream in 1981. With our 35th anniversary quickly approaching in 2016, it’s set to be another tremendous year for us”, says Dart Machinery’s President, Richard Maskin. “We’ll continue to do what we do best — and that’s building the best engine components for racers and distributors worldwide. All backed up by Dart’s commitment to quality, strength and performance.”

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  1. Scott

    Do you folks sell lower deck of a 632 engine for pump gas.or a package deal?

    1. Jim Brewer

      Unfortunately we don’t. I would recommend calling Shafiroff racing. They have this type of package in a 615ci using our low deck blocks. They can build you a short block or complete engine.


      Thank you!

  2. A;ton James

    As of this time, do you market a 4″ stroker kit to install in a OEM SBC 400? Best To Rich and the staff, keep up the excellent work. Does George ( DeLorean ) still work there?

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