Customize Square

Dart Can Customize Your New Block


customize-graphicDart offers machining options to customize your new block the way you need it.

• Custom Deck Heights

• Custom Bore Sizes

• Cam Bore Resizing

• Lifter Bore Resizing

• Bronze Lifter Bushings

• Lifter Relocating

• Block Lightening

• Stroke Clearance

• Main Stud Kits

• Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI)

• Piston Oil Squirters

• Block Prep

Call today and speak to a Dart technical expert about customizing your block – 248-362-1188.

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  1. jimmy bray

    hello dart jimmy here in Maryland.Intrested in shp 380 small block bore .155 stroke the .500 if I,m correct,anyway curious about the original simese bore engines tend to run hot.budget builder can quickly get put to the curb with such a problem.Is your new SHP block without this problem.please I have to know is the SHP todays way to go. HELP ME I,m ready to purchase your engine. james B 443 410 0506

    1. Jim Brewer

      Mr. Bray – Thank you for your interest in Dart products. I’ll have one our Techs give you a call as soon as they have the time… or call now 248-362-1188.

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